What is a dental implant?  
Where can they be used?

Implants are the latest technology available to help replace missing teeth. Implant therapy has been tremendously beneficial in patients who have been unable to wear, or do not want to wear, removable partial dentures or complete dentures.

An implant is a device made of titanium , which is surgically inserted into bone. The area is then allowed to heal for a period of about 4 to 6 month, after which the artificial teeth can be constructed on them. 

Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth. 

                             Before treatment 

After placement of Implant and crown 

Patients with multiple teeth missing who have been using fixed bridges or removable dentures are also good candidates for implants, provided they have sufficient bone present to place implants. Implants have become an effective alternative to removable dentures. Patients who have lost all their teeth need not wear complete dentures. Multiple implants can be placed in the upper and lower jaws and a fixed prosthesis can be given. Implants can also be used to stabilize dentures so that they are more comfortable to wear. 

This is very effective for people who have been wearing dentures for an extensive period of time and whose jaws have shrunk to point where the dentures are very loose. This is especially true of the lower dentures. There is no age bar for the use of implants.

Implants Are Not For Everyone

Dental implants are not the right restorative choice for all patients, for implants to be successful case selection is very important. Firstly there must be sufficient healthy bone to support implants, or bone grafting may have to be done to create sufficient bone and the gums should be disease free. Patients with medical conditions like uncontrolled diabetes and cancer , which affect the bodies ability to heal and repair itself are usually not good candidates for implants. 


  • No cutting required for adjacent teeth

  • Excellent esthetics results, can be obtained

  • In case of multiple missing teeth , patients do not have to wear a removable denture.


  • Treatment time 6 to 8 months

  • More expensive than removable dentures , comparable to conventional fixed bridges.

  • Chance of failure, if case selection not done properly

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